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Fuel dumping is a process of dropping the fuel surcharge that airlines add to your flight ticket.

Airline tickets are broken down into different costs which together make up the total price of the ticket.  Part of this is the base fare, in other words the basic price charged for the flight.  Other charges will be on the ticket, including taxes, fees and surcharges.

One of the biggest surcharges on your ticket is likely to be the fuel surcharge.  The fuel surcharge is often represented by the letters YQ or YR.  This is basically a way for governments and/or airlines to take extra cash from you, often in the name of “helping the environment” or some other such rubbish.

This site empowers you, the flying customer, by letting you know what you are paying with this fuel surcharge.  It tells you how it is made up and how it can be removed.  We don’t encourage you to remove the fuel surcharge, you’re a big boy and can make your own decisions, and you can also read our legal disclaimer till your heart’s content.

Fuel dumping is the process of removing the YQ from your flight ticket, and this site explains that process. Also follow our Twitter account @FuelDumping. There is also a contact page.


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